Safe cycling as an integral part of the future mobility system: planning and designing for a safe interaction between road users


30th June 2020

Status updates

The submission of papers is now closed and reviewing process has started. We expect to have the main bulk of reviews ready by mid-August.

16th June 2020

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

ICSC 2020 has now a FAQ page. Some questions comes naturally and we receive them again and again. FAQ page is just the right place where you might find the answer directly—because someone has already been in your shoes and wondered of the same thing...

We plan to keep this page 'live', updating the contents as the situation develops.

  • Will the conference take place?
  • Will it go online?
  • Can I submit my paper after the deadline?

Go to the FAQ page and find the answers there.

9th June 2020

SPECIAL CALL: ‘Cycling safety in pandemic time’

The pandemic we are witnessing has clearly affected all aspects of our society, not the least when it comes to transportation. Many people turned to bicycles for commuting to avoid congested public transport. Many cities support this movement by improving bicycle infrastructure, taking space from cars to make bicycle lanes and so on.

What are the safety effects of this sudden process? Do more cyclists imply more cycling accidents? Or is there safety-in-number effect in place? Do cyclists behave differently, for example keeping ‘social distance’? Do car drivers behave differently seeing more cyclists around?

ICSC opens a possibility to submit additional contribution on the topic of cycling safety in pandemic time. If you have started (or plan to start) a study related to this, consider sharing your (early) results during the conference.

Please, get in touch with the conference organisers at to discuss your ideas and how they can be presented during the conference.

15th May 2020

Dear Cycling Safety friends,

Together with the Steering Committee, we had a lot of discussions on how to proceed and save the conference. As the outcome, here are the two plans we want to share with you.

Plan A. We aim at a physical event if the circumstances allow. Most probably, some of the participants, particularly from Australia and North America, will still face travel restrictions or simply want to avoid travelling. We will work on technical solutions allowing to be a remote yet still active participant. However, we do not want ICSC 2020 to become 100% virtual.

If by the end of August 2020 the travel and other restrictions are still in place with no hope for quick elimination, we will change to…

Plan B. The conference is postponed till November 2021. When this decision is taken, a lot of work on writing and reviewing the papers has already been done. Therefore, we keep what was promised regarding the handling of the papers – the special issue of the Accident Analysis and Prevention will take place (confirmed by the editor), and those who wish to publish their work on the conference website may still do so.

I hope these explanations bring some certainty in these uncertain times.

Best regards and stay safe!!!


Aliaksei Laureshyn

Head of division | Transport & Roads
Department of Technology & Society
Faculty of Engineering, LTH
Lund University (Sweden)

ICSC 2020 Organising Committee


Paper submission is now closed. Late submissions (agreed with organisers) are still allowed.

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