FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will the conference take place in November 2020 as planned?

The final decision on whether we will have ICSC this year or postpone it until November 2021 will be made in August 2020. Utill then, we follow the original time plan, keeping our fingers crossed.

Even if the conference is postponed to 2021, we will proceed with the special issue of Accident Analysis and Prevention journal based on the papers submitted in 2020.

If I cannot travel to Lund, can I participate online?

To turn ICSC into a fully 'virtual conference' is not a prioritised option. Instead, we plan providing opportunity for following the conference online and even remote presenting for a 'moderate' amount participants who could not come due to travel restrictions.

My data collection is delayed, I cannot deliver full paper as planned in due time. Can I still participate?
Yes!!! Please, get in contact with the organisers (icsc-2020@tft.lth.se) and we will figure out an individual solution to your problem.

If my paper is not selected to the special issue, can I submit it for publishing elsewhere?
Yes!!! ICSC offers an opportunity to publish on its website, yet all authors have the right to withdraw their work and submit it to other scientific journals (after all, it is published papers that count in the research world). We appreciate you mentioning ICSC in your publication, but this is not a requirement.

Read more about handling of the submissions here.